How Can Final Expense Champions Help You?

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Why You Should Consider Final Expense Champions

For decades, many agents have quietly made significant income by promoting end of life planning and funding those plans with final expense life insurance. As the public has become more aware, probably because the baby boomers are soon to be seniors, agents have asked us if we could provide sales and product training targeted to this fast-growing marketplace… and the answer is “Yes, we can!” This training is FREE to you through Final Expense Champions. When completed, you will have the information and tools you need to successfully increase your income.

Why Offer Final Expense Products?

One reason is that this concept addresses the needs of a large percentage of your clients. More than 10,000 people turn age 65 on a daily basis. Their age and their financial status do not matter. There are an estimated three million households that are potential clients for end of life planning. This is often daytime activity. These sales easily lead to referrals. Issue and commissions are promptly processed. There is even true guaranteed issue for those cases not otherwise eligible for the simplified issue, non-medical final expense coverage.

Training Program

The end of life training program lasts six weeks. It is short, clear and effective. It is understandable and provides a step-by-step sales track. It will give you fresh ideas and that will, in turn, increase selling opportunities.

Surveys say the average agent selling Final Expense or other Easy Issue products, such as Guaranteed Issue, earn higher income than more traditional agents. First, this is a cross-selling opportunity that can open the door to Annuities, Medicare Supplement and LTC sales. Second, it cements the good relationships the agent has with existing clients as well as attracting new clients.

Getting Started

The easiest and fastest way to get started involves registering for Final Expense Champions by clicking on the registration button below. You also can contact your recruiter to gain access using their promo code and registration information.

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